Last Things Thursday!

I hope by now you have seen my Cheribundi and or BIC Band giveaway! You have until tomorrow morning at 9:00am to enter! Good luck to everyone :) I’m sooooo excited to give them to the winners! :)

Today I decided to do show some of the last things in my day!

1. Last song being played on iPod:

When I stopped the ARC trainer today I was listening to Call Me Maybe! 

2. Last Workout:

I walked the dogs for 25 minutes after I got off work

3. Last Meal:

Shrimp from a TIU recipe, and a whole wheat bagel (random..I know)

4. Last Picture taken on phone:

My sweet girl Izzy cuddling for an afternoon nap

5. Last Book Read

The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks (thought of Zac Efron the whole time..)

6. Last Run

Sunday: One mile in 9:09 after a 13 mile bike ride

7. Last show watched on TV:

Boy Meets World (reruns on MTV2!) My favorite show from back in the day!!

8. Last sweet treat:

Chocolate covered almonds..that’s basically a balanced treat right there…right??

9. Last Tweet:

no joke…butt is killing today!

10. Last day I wore something besides workout clothes/work uniforms:

……….I don’t know. and that probably needs to change…But it should cause Drew is coming to visit! Yayyyyy! :)

  • Alright your turn! Tell me some of your lasts! :)  It’s always interesting! 
  • And my alarm is’s a Booty Call before work tomorrow! ahhh! :) 

22 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday!

    1. katiemoves Post author

      hahah i know i get home and i have to repeat to myself “do not sit on the couch DO NOT sit on the couch- go put your running shoes on!” ;)

  1. Claire @ Let's Go On A Living Spree

    last meal: Luna bar, coffee, and banana (I’ve been busy this morning!!)

    last run: 4 miles (yesterday following a 10 miler 2 days earlier)

    last shopping spree: waaaaay too long ago. been shopping online too much lately so I’ve been trying to cut back

    Have you seen The Lucky One movie yet? Umm, Zach Efron is so freakin’ hot

    1. katiemoves Post author

      oooo shopping spree… i would love one soon..i do a little too much online shopping haha! and I read the book with the intention of seeing the movie and i STILL haven’t! i bet he is oh so yummy!

  2. amylouisemc

    The last thing I ate was a tortilla with peanut butter… last photo taken was a selfie at work hahaha :) I really want to read the lucky one! definitely adding that to my book list.

  3. Kate

    lol why is call me maybe SO ADDICTIVE! :-P nice brick workout too haha, my butt is still sore as well – I think it IS from single-legged squats too actually, my physical therapist is having me work on those and omg, I’m so bad at them hah.

    1. katiemoves Post author

      haha i know right..that dang song is so catchy. i listen to it once and it’s stuck in my head all day! and my butt is also STILL SORE. one legged squats are soooo killer! but yah i guess they say to strengthen this muscles to stay injury free! …they better be right haha

  4. Megan@ Run Like a Grl

    Your dogs are adorable!! I want a dog so badly.

    My last sweet snack was also chocolate covered almonds .. great minds think alike! Last TV show watched on TV was restaurant impossible from last night :) Last run was on Sunday! I’ve taken some time off since then!

    1. katiemoves Post author

      they are too cute. they actually look a lot alike in the face and with their hair (both have poodle in them) except for a massive weight and height different haha!


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