Friday Things Plus Giveaway Winners!!

Hi everyone! TGIF! :)

Friday Things:

1. Today I’m playing in a golf tournament that benefits my former high schools athletics. My dad runs the tournament and it’s at the place I work. It should be a really fun time since it’s really not about doing well (thank. god.) and I’m playing with other Health and PE teacher ladies who are really fun! Can’t wait :)

2. Yesterday I had the most glorious 4.2 mile. I’m to the point where I ACTUALLY feel good when I run. Even better is (knock on wood) biking, I think anyways, more during the week and staying off my foot has really kept me from a nagging foot issue and any pain for the most part. THIS IS EXCITING! But anyways this run yesterday felt good…I didn’t want to stop 2 miles in and I was negative splitting!  WHO AM I? :) PS before i started reading blogs I didn’t know what that meant.


3. A snack that is competing with Pop Chips for me right now are these good things:

They were super addicting too. Had to hide the bag from myself… Also PS. Haven’t had Fro Yo in over 2 weeks. Yes, you may congratulate me and send me a gift certificate to Sweet Frog. Thanks! :)

That’s really all i have from this week. It was kinda boring..full of work. Fun stuff…

And now what you all REALLY want to know and that’s who won the lovely giveaways!!!

For the Cheribundi!!!!

The winner isssss: #3 Jen Packer

and for the BIC Band!

Winner: #24 Laurel C


Yay ladies! please email me at katiemoves1 @! Thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate everyone who listens to my ramble everyday!

I’m off to spend a few days hanging out with Drew and playing some golf and enjoying the beautiful weather. :)


12 thoughts on “Friday Things Plus Giveaway Winners!!

  1. Kate

    wooo CONGRATS on the pain free run!! and for not getting froyo for so long….except actually I disapprove of that, froyo every single day! get it! lol just kidding, it’s an expensive habit…I need to cut back as well…

    1. katiemoves Post author

      thank you! i always get excited for a pain free good run :) and i know I didn’t really not get fro yo on just didn’t happen and when I realized i was like whoaaaa and my wallet is a little happier too


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