Beaching it up

Hi everyone :) as you may know I’m at the beach again with Drew’s awesome family. We are enjoying ourselves so much, great weather and food! And relaxing of course! Tons of that!


Saturday and Sunday we just kind of hung out and did what we wanted. We enjoyed and nice breakfast out yesterday before going to a bike shop where I purchased a new stem and purple handle bar tape! Before we changed everything we did a 19 mile bike ride which was good, even did quite the climb over a bridge, on the way back it was into the wind which was really fun trying to go up it at 8mph. NOT.

Anyways- After my crash I ripped up my tape and needed some new stuff and what better color to get? :) also with a bike there are always adjustments you can make to be more comfortable and Drew suggested a shorter stem because I was having a ton of hand discomfort 5 miles into rides. So my personal bike mechanic aka Drew, moved the hoods of my bike and the changed to the new stem! Dont worry ill show you what those are… Cause normally I dont know either, but I’m learning my bike terminology a little better…;) okay Drew!?


So there they are! Pretty much anything on roadbikes can be adjusted if you’re uncomfortable, the only way to know how you like your bike to to get some decent miles on it! And then after that you can talk adjustments.

After that was all done my girl is looking like a beaut!


And now Lil Blue is even more pretty!

What’s your favorite color to add to your things? You guys obviously know mine!

18 thoughts on “Beaching it up

  1. Kate

    pink purple AND blue going on there, I LOVE it! I want colored tape for my handlebars but….nothing is ripped so I can’t really justify it haha….and yah i didn’t know what the hood was either. I did know the stem though! I should probs learn these things so I don’t look retarded in front of chris carmichael hahah


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