Olympic Fun Friday

Happy Friday! It’s a little bit rainy here so not he cheeriest of weather. but oh well! Today I got the opportunity to go over and guest post for Andrea at Food Embrace! She is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, so check it out!

As you all know my deep love for the Olympics..I have to post the hilarious things floating around the internet about them lately. You’re Welcome! 

1. This Ryan Lochte video…

I cracked up soooo much watching this. 7 x 4 = ….. ?

2. Diving Faces


3. Terrifying Synchronized Swimming Faces

It’s the nose plugs right? and the make up. yah that too.

Source. (see more here)

4. Her majesty herself

5. McKayla is not impressed.


6. Princess Kate

7. Off with her head!


8. Phelps – Lochte


9. Olympic Mean girls!

10. Best Doppelgangers

So go ahead! Spread you Olympic fever a little more and enjoy on this Friday!

  • What are you up to this weekend?

36 thoughts on “Olympic Fun Friday

  1. jessielovestorun

    ha ha, i watched the lochte video the other day & couldn’t stop laughing. He’s one of those guys that i could never really be friends with. His ridiculous ego would drive me insane!!

    Either a LR or some sort of crazy circuit tomorrow.. haven’t made up my mind yet?? That’s about it.. ohh & of course watch more olympics and eat a ridiculous amount of chips & salsa on saturday night ((the usual lol))

    1. katiemoves Post author

      haha i was cracking up at lochte the entire time! it was almost painful to watch but i just couldn’t look away. oh and chips and salsa- YESSSS!

  2. Kate

    HHAHAHAHA oh my god. I am dying laughing right now. DYING. literally laughing out loud in a coffee shop. Especially the doppelganger thing, ohh man.


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