Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I had a busy one as usual. I swear I don’t know the word relax of just hang out lol. It just doesn’t happen… One day!

Friday was spent working and then getting my class reunion together. I forgot to take pictures of the reunion but one of my friends did… But haven’t seen then yet so I got nothing, sorry. It was okay. After it was over a lot of us went out to a local restaurant/bar and hung out some more.

I didn’t stay out long cause I had to get up super early to coach a scrimmage which we won! Yay! :) we have some work to do but we did fairly well for the first one! After that was done I rushed to work- boo. For the rest of the night.

However, Sunday was the real excitement!! I got up super early and me and my mom took a road trip to see Drew!!


Drew just moved last week 9 miles from the beach in Maryland. Yes. Seriously… Who lives like that?? But we went to visit since its been about 2 weeks since I’ve seen him (wah) and hung out for the day. His new place is adorable and is perfect for him. We just hung out for a while becore going to explore his new place of work which is also awesome! And then we went to Applebees and I got my favorite salad on earth!!


Oriental chicken salad to be exact! Soooo good!

We sent shopping at the little outlets that were there. I really mean little, but found some things!


We had fun around and then had to head home after that. It’s a good 3 and a half hour drive with out stopping so it wasn’t a lot of time there unfortunately. But first I tormented Drew with a picture.


He loves taking pictures! But anyways- we headed home and hit some traffic and then my mom couldn’t remember what exit to take so we ended up going to far west – like all of a sudden we saw sign “Welcome to Washington DC” oops. And so then we needed to turn around. Fun times.. Should have just stopped to see this girl.

But it was like 11 and I was tired and cranky from driving! Someday :)

So there was my busy weekend! Back to a busy work schedule and coaching this week! Needless to say the exercise was just a lot of walking this weekend! My body did need a rest from all the living I did this week that it’s not used to.. Back at the live fit trainer this week!

what did you do this weekend?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Jenna

    That’s so great that you got to take the trip to see your man!! It look like a great time! The oriental salad is most def my “go to” at apple bees as well!! I was on a little wkend trip to deep creek, md. It was a nice fun relaxing time too!! Have a happy Monday! Spalove!

    1. katiemoves Post author

      omg isn’t it soooo good!!!? my favorite salad ever. i need to start recreating it at home! :) i’ve always heard deep creek is an awesome place!

    1. katiemoves Post author

      haha it was so funny…we were like uhhh guess we went to far… and thank you btw!! PS how far are you from Seaside heights, NJ actually?? theres a duathlon on Sept. 29th..me, my dad, and drew all do it!!!! you should think about it. it’s very short

  2. jessielovestorun

    Congratulations on the win girl :) I’m so happy your weekend ended with a visit to see the boy. You two are adorable! Hopefully you’ll get the chance to see each other again soon. I mean 3 1/2 hrs isn’t too bad :)


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