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Happy Tuesday!

So many things I forgot about traditional lifting. Last week I decided I would attempt to start the Live Fit Trainer from Jamie Eason. I had attempted before- but always started and then never kept going with it. (Why I thought starting a program over the summer with two vacations was a good idea- I have no idea..) So I’m one week in and going strong! What I’ve remembered so far.

1. When you haven’t done any traditional lifting in ohhhh like a year- you will be very, very sore.

Although I wasn’t lifting heavy really for the start of this program, the chest and triceps workout made me sore for a good 2 days afterwards. I just did legs yesterday and my hip flexors and quads are so tired walking up 5 stairs makes me have to stop and take a break lol.

2. How much I love to put my headphones out and rep it!

I forgot how much lifting makes me feel kinda…well, powerful ;) Add in Metallica Justin Bieber music blasting in my ears and I get into beast mode!

3. Strength is actually my forte.

Strength is something I have naturally (not to toot my own horn AT ALL- just how I’m built). I forget this considering, I tend to dabble in the endurance world with my running and cycling- which is something I have to work HARD to be anywhere decent at. (And long distance running is still a challenge) My body naturally is more powerful than speedy making lifting a good fit for me.

4. I enjoy having a workout already set up for me.


Like a lot. I am not one to ever have a set training plan and blah..blah. I like to make up workouts or circuits at times- but this is nice that someone else has already done that work and I just show up at the gym and do it. No planning ahead- no nothin’.

5. I like that I can feel the work I did for a long time after I’m done my lifting.

Can you say jell-o legs!? and arms..and everything! You can definitely tell you worked out after a solid lifting session!

Now I’m not sure of its a great thing to lift while also training on the bike and such but like I said I don’t follow training plans ever. But I do have some races (duathlons) coming up in September and October! :) more on that later!!!!!

  • Do you lift? or like to lift? What program do you follow?
    Do you lift weights while training?

12 thoughts on “Back to Lifting

  1. Jenna

    I used to be solely a cardio queen (soooooo stupid!!!) and then about 5 months ago I got into lifting and LOVE it!!! I’m so much stronger now and look way healthier!!

  2. Jen

    I love to life, it has really helped me to get back to working with a trainer again and not having to rely on myself for the workouts!


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