Last Things Thursday

Yay for another installment of Last Things Thursday! This means another random post of all this crap stuff I just did. Lucky you.

Last Breakfast:

So this week was my first time experimenting with overnight oats! I wasn’t sure about them and their texture (I can be super weird about texture of foods) but all I can say is why haven’t I done this sooner!? After all I have always loved oatmeal. Plus it’s been fantastic for when I’ve been working at 7am and just need something to take to eat when I get there. Perfecttt.

My recipe:

  • 1/2 Cup of Oats
  • 1/2 Cup of almond milk
  • Pinch of unsweetened coconut
  • 2 TBSP (heaping) of vanilla greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of Chia Seeds
  • A dash of cinnamon (or if you’re like me 2 or 3 or 4…)
  • A little agave depending on how sweet you like things
  • Top with sliced almonds :)

Voila! Enjoy!

Last Different Food Try:

If you notice besides the first time trying Overnight Oats…I bought chia seeds this week! have to say..i am worried about a chia pet in my stomach… JK but seriously- can’t even taste them so hey- if their healthy I’m all in.

Last gun show workout:

After work I stayed and did the Biceps and Back from Live Fit Trainer Week 2…I’m getting there! :) I also ran 2.33 miles earlier between jobs!

Last Song on the iPod

You may hate her. and you most definitely may hate this song, but it’s been on repeat a lot. Mostly for the oooooooOOOOO part…sorry i’m not sorry.


That being said..lastly it is the 23rd of this month and that means it’s 23 Paws from the lovely Cinnamon!

Here are some pictures of my fur babies recently.


Izzy Begging for a blueberry muffin. Hard to resist that face. BUT she doesn’t understand that I don’t share…



I was starved. And Riley likes to help get the sweat off of your leg when you get back from runs outside. Dogs are gross.


  • What are some of your last things this week?
  • What song is on repeat for you?

Almost Friday :)

27 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. Jenna

    I love chia and overnight oats!! I had oats w apples, pb2, cinnamon, and chia as my last breakfast! I also think the 23 paws is so cute! I wish I had a pup right now to participate!!

  2. runwkate

    That looks like a fun week! I love overnight oats too – I use protein powder and water instead of milk, and then I got an awesome vanilla or chocolate hit depending on my protein of choice that day!

  3. Kara

    Hellooo guns! Look at you! I’m jealous!

    My dogs at home also like to lick my sweat after running, hahaha! They always attack me when I’m foam rolling :)

    I need to try overnight oats ASAP! I’ve always been worried about the texture too!

  4. Boise Runner (@RunInBoise)

    I have to be one of the last people in the blogger world that has not tried overnight oats yet. I need to get on that! And chia seeds freak me out if I get one stuck in my teeth & sprout a chia in my mouth lol, but I do like adding them to my foods.

    1. katiemoves Post author

      haha no worries! totally thought i was the only one who hadn’t..i got over the chia seeds a bit by letting them soak in the oats and they you don’t even notice them cause theres no crunch..hopefully no chia pets haha!

  5. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    Guinn always licks my legs when I get out of the shower. Dogs are indeed nasty. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift but I am kind of addicted to that song and so upset with myself. :-) Love the Steelers blanket!! :D

    1. katiemoves Post author

      It worked! For whatever reason it made me approve… Dumb thing. But yes dogs are gross (love them anyways) and I’m also obsessed with the song! :)


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