Last Things Thursday

Here are some of the last things for me this week!

1. Last Song on the iPod:


I used to never listen to Pandora and now I’ve become obsessed! Specifically with Lee Brice Station. Love him.

2. Last workout:


I lifted yesterday arms & abs from the live fit trainer and then did 20 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike.

3. Last amazing food find:


I’ve been dying to have these and my favorite grocery store FINALLY sells them! I was so excited so now I basically add it to everything! It’s definitely been my¬†favorite add in to shakes. It’s awesome in the pudding shakes and great when added to froyo shakes also :)

4. Latest hair style

I’m glad after 23 years I’ve finally figured out how to do my hair some other way. I really just taught myself how to french braid this year. Better late than never!

5. Last Meal


Chiliiiiii! and cornbread! Noms…mom makes the best! oh and of course i gotta cover it in cheese! :)

  • What are some of your last things this week?
  • Do you use Pandora? Favorite station? I need ideas :)

16 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. Claire @ Let's Go On A Living Spree

    Ok, I have to use all caps for this: YOU TAUGHT YOURSELF TO FRENCH BRAID? Can you teach me?????? I’ve wanted to know how for so long but for some reason I can’t. I don’t have the dexterity in my hands or something. Sometimes I’ll go over to my friend’s house before we go out so she can braid my hair (sounds like I’m a 10 year old girl, not 29 hahaha). Your looks so cute! :-)

    1. katiemoves Post author

      It kind of took me a long time to figure it out but once I understood it all made sense! Oh and YouTube it. That helped sooo much. I totally thought I couldn’t and now it’s So easy!

  2. Jenna

    Love the hair braid and pb2 is one of my favorite things ever!!!! My last workout and newest love is yoga! I had never tried it until a week ago, and im hooked! Spa love!


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